Two hearts.  I made an unfortunate error in the maze design.  The plan was for the path of true love to pass through both hearts, but there was a wrong line somewhere and one of the hearts is not part of the solution.  Look out, it could be an omen.


   This time my letter problems seemed appropriately groovy, giving the maze that stoned Woodstock look.  The magic worked, a year later I moved back to Woodstock.


Paint it like it sounds.  Maybe it’s my elderly hearing difficulty, but nowadays I hear it pronounced as “peace’n’love”.  So what should an artist do when “peace and love” sounds more like peace in love?  It’s a weird concept, but I tried to paint it like I hear it.  Hopefully, in a few hundred years, art historians will forgive me.


I have to mention the sculptures.  I use the same paint chips that I use for the sand paintings, so the sculptures are made of 100% fluorescent paint, except for the chess sets.   The chess pieces are not sculptures, they are painted fluorescently, sometimes I create the boards.