A half a world  away, preparing for battle, Sensitive Samurai, the poet warrior, regrets:

psychedelic butterflies

your life is short

unless somebody paints you


   May all your missions be glorious.  It’s something of a mystery, everyone remembers the portrait of the brave squadron leader;  but historians still wonder if it was painted while he was alive, or after he was stuck on a pin?

  Half a world away, another poet warrior thrusts his samurai sword towards the sky and lusts:

psychedelic butterflies

flying beautifully

thinking of sex


The origin of the green lantern.  As you can see from the painting, one member of the squadron may have taken up crime fighting after the war.

   A half a world away, a century ahead of his time, the Sensitive Samurai uncrosses his eyes:

psychedelic butterfly

what are you doing 

on the internet 


Alien Species.  It looks very fast, but is it a butterfly or a pod-racer?  Star Wars fans may recognize it as a Sith butterfly.