A long way from the western front, the warrior poet, Sensitive Samurai, notes: 

psychedelic butterfly

in the garden

writing horny haiku


  Year of the Psychedelic Butterfly.  This will be on my permanent record.  I spent most of 2010 painting psychedelic butterflies.  I kept telling myself that I had to quit before it looked any worse, “hello, my name is Alan, and I paint psychedelic butterflies”.  I was afraid that I’d never stop if I allowed my psychedelic butterfly addiction continue into the new year.  This painting doesn’t look like a dogfight, it’s more like we are about to witness a butterfly sex act, the large top wings of the red one seem to be offering some sort of promiscuity.

  A half a world away, the Sensitive Samurai observes:

psychedelic butterflies

flutter ferociously

wind blows their minds


   War’s over-everybody dance!  In this painting, the happy war survivors are celebrating at the Electric Butterfly Techno Dance Party.  May we look forward to Butterfly Jam II, or, sometime in the distant future, Flutterpalooza?

  A half a world away from the front, another poet warrior, Sensitive Samurai, hallucinates:

psychedelic butterflies

flying the internet

all through my brain